The Lyric Cinema Cafe

Rental Information

Looking for a place to hold your business meeting, host a private screening, or just throw a party? The Lyric is the place for you! Auditorium 1 holds up to 76 people and Auditorium 2 hold up to 52. In addition to the auditorium, you also get the café staffed by our handsome employees so you all can get popcorn, food, soda, beer or wine. You are also more than welcomed to bring in your own food for your event; however, you cannot bring in your own alcohol.


If you’d like to watch a film, all you have to do is bring in a DVD or Blu-ray. All of our equipment is at your disposal. If you had something special in mind, feel free to e-mail us your idea and we’d be happy to work something out!


If you’re interested or have additional questions, please fill out the google form at or feel free to e-mail us:

In order to streamline the process and organize our lives a little more, we require that you fill out the theatre rental form first below and we will contact you regarding your rental.


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