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Ghosts of the West w/ Director Q&A

June 30th

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5th Anniversary Screening June 30th at 6:30pm feature a Director Q&A!
Tickets are on sale now for $10 with an option to bundle your ticket with a copy of the DVD for an additional $15*
1 hour, 3 minutes + Short Film & Q&A (NR)

Directed by: Ethan S. Knightchilde

Starring: Barron Christian, Rowell Gormon, Arthur Martinez, Dane Bernhardt, Ron Ruhoff, and Thomas J. Noel


Ghosts of the West: The End of the Bonanza Trail comes back to the Lyric to celebrate its fifth anniversary! This screening includes a live director’s Q&A, a very special preview of the upcoming sequel, Ghosts of the West: Stampede on the Bonanza Trail, and a screening of the short film Not for Today, But for All Timeā€¦. If our sold out screenings of this film in 2013 are any indication, these tickets will be a hot commodity!


The stampede following the discovery of gold in California lasted little more than a generation, but the stories that followed in its wake captured the imagination of the world. Thousands of towns and mining camps boomed during that brief time when men scrambled through unexplored territory searching for the next big strike. And just as quickly, they died without a whisper. Today, the old hotels and saloons stand in mute testimony to a fabled past when prospectors came to gamble, find and lose a fortune, or die without revealing the location of a rich and elusive mine. Their tales continue to fascinate and intrigue, and even haunt us. Best Documentary Award-winner Ghosts of the West relates stories of towns from mineral strike to boom to bust, revealing their ultimate fates and legacies.


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*The DVD bundle is only available for presale and cannot be purchased on the day of the event. DVD’s are normally $25, so this is a bargain! This is a no passes special event. No free movie passes will be accepted.



6:30 - $10