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Bulk Economy Tickets!

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Offer good only through June 30th!


From now through the end of June we’re running a special offer on bulk economy tickets to the Lyric. For just one Ben Franklin*, you can get yourself or a friend 20 pristine and delightful tickets to any standard Lyric movie screening. That’s a savings of 44.4% off a standard ticket (and 28.5% off student and senior tickets)! The tickets can be used anytime between mid-July 2017 (which is when we’ll have them printed and ready for you at the box office) and October 31st, 2018.


With the new Lyric opening this fall with THREE screens, we’re going to be able to get in a lot more movies. You can expect the next year (and especially this coming Oscar season) to be chalk-full of great films you can come see with your discounted tickets. Buy 20 for yourself or split them with your spouse or between family members. Or maybe a Lyric fan in your life has an upcoming birthday or anniversary? These tickets are a great way to save money and show someone you care!


To purchase your tickets, all you have to do is swing by the box office! Or, if you can’t make the trip over to the Masonic Temple, you can purchase the tickets through PayPal using the button below. We’ll have the tickets ready for you in the first week or two of July and we’ll notify you via email when they’re ready to pick up! If you can’t make it in, we can also ship them to you anywhere in the US.

*Only Ben Franklins in the form of a valid $100 USD note or an equivalent number of dead presidents adding up to $100. Or, you know… a credit card.