The Lyric Cinema Cafe

48 Hr Film Fest Screening


The Screening: February 28th / 12:00 | 3:00 | 6:00


The Screening of the completed films is on February 28th.  If you’re a filmmaker or just want to watch the films as an audience member, please join us at the theater to celebrate the completion of these films (not to mention the last day of the Lyric at its current location)!


List of Last Festival’s Films:


Super #1 Best Team Cafe- The Light She Brings

Set Design, Editing, Audience Award!


The Sea Forty-Sevens – Passenger’s Seat

Musical Score & Sound Design, Cinematography, Supporting Actor –  Nick Holland


Danger Media – Agent Mikey

Utilization of Location, Directing


Hanging Ellipsis Films – Shades of Reality

Use of Line “Like I’ve Never Seen That Before”, Writing


Not Quite L-Rated Jonas Cox and Katie Duff – Amber

Best Dual Lead


Breakfast Logic – Daily Regimen

Animation & Graphic Design


Chicken Parm – The Dinner Party

Use of Prop


Lead Actor – FC Media Maetrix Fitten – Sinister


Best Villain –  Bad Pixel Productions Dasha Zhurin – Cross Purposes


Teamsam – Make Up Not War

Best Flashback Scene





Launch Day - 6pm


Films Due - TBD


12:00 | 3:00 | 6:00 (Sold Out)