The Lyric Cinema Cafe

48 Hour Film Festival Screening


The Launch: February 28th / Times TBD


The Screening of the completed films is on February 28th.  If you’re a filmmaker or just want to watch the films as an audience member, please join us at the theater to celebrate the completion of these films!


List of Last Festival’s Films:


Super #1 Best Team Cafe- The Light she Brings

Set Design, Editing, Audience Award!



The Sea Forty-Sevens – Passenger’s Seat

Musical Score & Sound Design, Cinematography, Supporting Actor –  Nick Holland



Danger Media – Agent Mikey

Utilization of Location, Directing



Hanging Ellipsis Films – Shades of Reality

Use of Line “Like I’ve Never Seen That Before”, Writing



Not Quite L-Rated Jonas Cox and Katie Duff – Amber

Best Duel Lead



Breakfast Logic – Daily Regimen

Animation & Graphic Design


Chicken Parm – The Dinner Party

Use of Prop



Lead Actor – FC Media Maetrix Fitten – Sinister



Best Villain –  Bad Pixel Productions Dasha Zhurin – Cross Purposes



Teamsam – Make Up Not War

Best Flashback Scene




Launch Day - 6pm


Films Due - TBD


Showings - TBD